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  • April 6, 2022
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Construction projects can be hectic, confusing, and sometimes down right stressful. There are so many facets to a project, supply issues, unforeseen structural problems, and labor or equipment availability. All of which need to run smoothly in order to avoid a chain reaction of chaos to ruin your day.

To some property managers, the day to day handling of building envelope repairs can seem as though there is no formal “process” to fixing the problem, their main focus is to just “get it done”. That is where BCG shines, we take the stress off their hands with our iron-clad process that serves as a roadmap to fixing a complex structural problem once and for all. 

Here is how it works when partnering with BCG on a building project, explained from start to finish.

Step 1: Survey

BCG conducts a study of the property to assess the client’s building concerns.

Step 2: Proposal

BCG submits a report of findings that includes recommendations for repairs to address identified issues.

Step 3: Approval

The review and approval process averages 30 days from receipt of proposal. It can be sooner depending on the severity of the recommendations.

Step 4: Bid Docs

Bidding documents are created that detail the scope of the repair work.

Step 5: Bidding

BCG allows 2 weeks for this process, which includes a review of submitted bids, analysis and letter of recommendation.

Step 6: Bid Awarded

Based on the bids and letter of recommendation, the client awards the project to the most responsible bidder.

Step 7: Contract

An agreement is drafted between the contractors and client that states the contract price for executing the defined scope of work among other items such as project time line, insurance requirements, and roles and responsibilities between the client and contractor.

Step 8: Project Start

A date is set and construction begins.

Step 9: Construction Administration

BCG, if awarded CA services as part of bid document proposal, provided construction administration (CA) services to review the project during the course of construction

for conformance to the construction documents.

Step 10: Final Walk Through

A final inspection is conducted.

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