Find out why a building is failing, and take corrective actions to solving the problem

Building Envelope Forensics

Working with BCG, we determine why a particular building element is failing through our experienced investigations and studies. Findings are detailed to inform corrective actions and when necessary, determine liability factors as well.

Water Tests and Leak Mitigation Studies

Whether water is leaking in or heat is escaping out, determine the source of the problem and get the optimal recommendation to mitigate the issue.

Waterproofing Concerns (below and above grade)

With the New England weather, and many of greater Boston structures being of historical construction, rainwater and groundwater issues are becoming increasingly common, and even more complex to resolve. This is an area where BCG’s experience can help you during the budgeting process.

Infra-red Studies

If your building is losing heat – or in areas where moisture is gathering – our advanced thermal photography equipment can determine where your building is allowing heat to escape. 

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