Who’s Fault is it?!

Exploring building failure stories and BCG’s expert witness services

When there is an accident or disaster, one of the questions everyone asks is “Who’s Fault is it?!”

Barnes Consulting (BCG) helps facilitate legal proceedings with their Expert Witness Services for building calamities. BCG will review the issue at hand, investigate, and provide an opinion report on what was the probable cause of the building damage. This report is almost always used in court as evidence to substantiate the claim. Occasionally, BCG’s senior engineer will appear in court as an expert witness.

One example would be the time BCG was hired to investigate a house that had been struck by a large truck in Springfield, Massachusetts. The impact was so great that it pushed the house 8 inches off of it’s foundation along with considerable damage to one side of the house. BCG was tasked with the determination of whether or not the house should be demolished and rebuilt, or could it be repaired.

BCG concluded that after fixing the foundation, moving the house back on to the foundation, the house could be repaired and demolition was not necessary.

So, we hope you never run into a situation like this BUT if you do, BCG is here to help you with forensic services… and expert witness testimony should it be required.

Point of View: the truck crashed into the house, causing significant damage to the kitchen

The force of impact pushed the entire house 8 inches off of the foundation

Plywood covers up the hole that was created by the truck that crashed into the Springfield, MA home.

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