From Charleston Chew to Facade Review

  • By : Nicole
  • August 31, 2022
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Charleston Lofts – Limited Survey

Located in the former Charleston Chew candy factory, the Charleston Lofts complex in Everett, MA, features luxury condos with original factory details such as exposed beams and brick. When a condo owner reported water leakage, BCG was hired to perform a limited review of facades and water testing of accessible windows as well as review previous engineering reports.

BCG’s water test confirmed what past studies had found—that water was leaking into the windowsill above the unit and then leaking into the bedroom. After removing a window unit from the opening, a number of problems were found, including the following:

  • The metal sill cover was secured with nails and sealant. Puncturing the metal defeats the purpose of providing a “water-tight” installation.

  • Seams in the sheet membrane were not sealed.

  • Water got underneath the metal sill cap, indicating that the installation was not water-tight, thus confirming the effect of puncturing the metal with the nails

  • Removal of the metal covers from the mullion and jamb revealed rotted wood.  The membrane was extended up the vertical surface roughly 4 inches; however, it was not installed properly.

  • The jambs of the masonry opening were blocked in with pieces of regular framing lumber ripped down to fit the space.  There are large gaps between the framing and the masonry.

  • The framing was rotted at the bottom where they meet the sill.

  • Metal pan flashing was not observed beneath the sill.

  • The wood sill was rotted along the front edge.

Based on previous reports and our findings, BCG recommended performing the building envelope repairs as soon as possible in order to mitigate additional damage to the structures.

Although many repairs were necessary and should have ideally commenced at the same time, BCG noted that if a phased approach was undertaken, window and door flashings and any roof leaks should be repaired first, followed by addressing masonry issues.

BCG was hired by the property owners to carry out repair work as suggested. The work scope also increased to include repairs such as removing and replacing the outer wythe of masonry on the north and south elevations of one building; replacing fireplace vent hoods; cutting and pointing the brick masonry veneer; and brick replacement.

After completing the extensive repairs, BCG was happy to report that the water intrusion problem at the Charleston Lofts was fixed.

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