Forensic Roof Investigation Study

  • By : Nicole
  • July 2, 2018
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Property managers and building owners alike can find it daunting to fix that leaky roof or cracked support structure when there are plenty of other daily fires to put out. They know it’s important, but sometimes roof leaks are inevitable, especially when a school originally built in 1920 is converted into a building of luxury condos nearly 100 years later. Still, with a mix of flat and sloped roofs to contend with, the property manager had struggled to find the source of the leak.

Fortunately, they found Barnes Consulting. Their team coordinated focused water tests, identified the leak source and then arranged for repairs, deftly navigating the building’s tight logistics, including one-way streets on both sides, a constant stream of pedestrian traffic, and highly demanding tenants. The project was completed on time and on budget and Jeff Barnes, the project manager, identified a valuable future asset: “The roofer we worked with was excellent. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.”

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