Case History: Let’s Try This Again

  • By : Nicole
  • October 9, 2019
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Location: East Boston, MA

Building Type: Residential condos

Owner/Client: Property manager

The property manager contacted Barnes Consulting Group as a repeat client. BCG and this client have been working together on various projects for a number of years.

When windows began leaking in the 100-year old 7-story building, Barnes Consulting Group was brought in to perform a survey of masonry and windows. The poor condition masonry, combined with improperly installed windows, led to the reported leaks. BCG was engaged to work with the contractor during the window flashing repairs in an effort to mitigate water intrusion. This work was prompted by 12 unit owners reporting severe leaks over a period of years – these units are located primarily on the north and northeast elevations. It was reported to BCG that the windows were installed at different times by different contractors and without the benefit of any plans or specifications.

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