Case History: A Slippery Problem

  • By : Nicole
  • October 9, 2019
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Location: Brighton, MA

Building Type: Commercial retail space

Owner/Client: Building owner

The owner contacted Barnes Consulting Group based on word-of-mouth and experience on past projects while working at a different company.

It happened every winter. Ground water would seep up, creating icy and unsafe conditions in public ways for one Boston property owner who was continually being fined by the city.

Barnes Consulting Group was tasked with identifying and addressing the issue. After taking soil samples and working with the owner to coordinate some limited trenching, it was determined that the most optimal resolution was to tie into an abutter’s drainage system. Acting as an intermediary, BCG worked with the owner and the abutter to reach a mutually agreeable solution.  A design was created and presented to the Owner for submission to the City for permitting. This work is scheduled to be performed this fall.

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