3 Reasons Why you should join a professional organization (and a short story why)

1. They increase your knowledge, help define standards and codes, and serve as training platforms.
2. There are over 485 pages of listings on Google of professional organizations you can join.
3. Being involved in a chapter can build your resume and professional career.

In 2004 I joined a professional organization called ICRI, International Concrete Repair Institute. I was encouraged by my boss at the time to join the local chapter, and soon after I became a board member. I started out as a director, grew to the secretary position, on to becoming the president of the chapter.
After 10 years I decided to step down to offer a new, fresh leader that could provide a new perspective to the group. I then moved on to the national organization of ICRI by taking the same approach. I am currently a member of a few national committees and sit on the board of directors.
Joining this organization has not only built my network and knowledge of the industry, but it has also built my resume that will grow my client base. If you are thinking about joining a local professional organization, I suggest you give it a try.