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How Weather Restrictions Cost You Money When You Wait on Building Repair Projects

A short story of what happens when you wait until the last minute for building repair projects. Property mangers and building owners alike can find it daunting to fix that leaky roof or cracked support structure when there are plenty of other daily fires to put out. They know it’s important, but somehow it’s always [...]

Project Spotlight: Penthouse Pool Deck Reviews & Repairs

PROJECT SPOTLIGHT #01 Project:                  Penthouse Pool Deck Review & Repairs Location:               Allston, MA Date:      2015 ____________________________________________________________________________ Description Penthouse pool deck located at a 11-story condominium high-rise Cast-in-place concrete, steel and masonry construction built in 1987 Leaking into living units and common areas for years Pool deck area is roughly 2500 SF and is split-slab: structural [...]

Means and Methods to Being a Consultant

Means and Methods - a simple definition - is defined by the manner by which the contractor (in this example) performs the job as described in the contract documents, i.e. painting, waterproofing, masonry or repair. Sometimes, the contractor will ask an innocent question - “How would you protect the roof?”, which can inadvertently get the [...]

3 Reasons Why you should join a professional organization (and a short story why)

1. They increase your knowledge, help define standards and codes, and serve as training platforms. 2. There are over 485 pages of listings on Google of professional organizations you can join. 3. Being involved in a chapter can build your resume and professional career. In 2004 I joined a professional organization called ICRI, International Concrete [...]

Parking Garages Need Love Too!

Best practices to avoid rapid structure deterioration, in this case Parking Garages. A parking garage 10 miles west of Boston had many issues of water intrusion, caused by poor maintenance over 30 years. After a proper investigation, numerous issues showed failed coatings, lack of maintenance, improper construction practices, failed sealed joints and cracks. To show [...]